Thursday, December 27, 2007

2.I have a goal after mid-year-exams and September,to pass my math exam.I tried almost everything,from doing all math homeworks to listening attentively in class,but i still failed.I also tried burning midnight oil i cannot focus on things i want to study. The negative impact is next day i can't focus on lessons,I know i can't depend on burning midnight oil.I can only depend on projects that I had done. After i had known that i failed again,i told myself that I must work harder, even if i fail again, i still have next year to pull up my socks, i told myself.I try really hard.Luckily,my overall did not fail.

The feeling of failing is really bad.I don't wish this kind of feeling happens to me again.The next semester,i will really work harder,2 times harder than normal.Like school motto say,"To strive and not to yield"I must really strive and not to yield,and i believing myself i can do it!

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