Thursday, December 27, 2007

1. What talents (new or hidden) have you learned / discovered about yourself this semester ?

- I have discovered that being in class 1D have made me learnt that i got a part to play in the class. Example to sweep the floor, clean the whiteboard or to arrange the tables in class. I also discovered that i am a person who like clean and tidy places, so its easier to study or to do my homeworks. It may not be a talent but thats what i discovered. But after going to my church camp, i realised that i have a hidden-self more percentage then a open-self and i got to let my feelings show, and to further that after going to the church camp i found out that i am beginning to learned that i have to be open inorder to speak in the public like what a leader should do. Not being able to be brave enough to speak to your team members is a very bad example as there is no communication between the group. So i shall be like my leader being able to speak infront of peoples like what a leader whould do.

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