Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2) Describe one goal that you set for yourself in September. What steps have you taken? Where and how have you met that goal? Where and how have you fallen short? And how will you proceed toward that goal in the second semester?

I remembered that my goal in September is to achieve all subjects in SA2 a “B” grade. At that time I didn’t think much, a “B” grade is enough for me. I have been doing my homework and paying attention every day. The problem is when I have questions to ask, I don’t have time to find that teacher and ask she. I have CCA and I go reach home very late. This makes me don’t have much time revising my work. That time, I only think that doing homework and paying attention is enough for the examinations. The day before SA2 I was revising the textbooks, workbooks and the notes, teacher gave to us. The day on examination, I was like yawning the whole exam, trying not to fall asleep.

After receiving the result slip, I knew where went wrong. Instead of getting “B” grade, I took a “C” grade. I will try to do revise my work after I done my homework and do homework first before playing the computer or sitting down on the sofa and watch television.

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brucezhang said...

After I read your post, I felt very disappointing. Just doing the homework and paying attention cannot improve your results because it is very important to review you notes and textbook every day not just before the exam.
CCA could not be the reason you could not revise your work because there was much more time when you finished your CCA. Time will have, you should save it from now.
What did you feel when you get a “C” grade?
Why a B is enough for you?
What will you do to reach goal next time except doing homework and paying attention? Will you do any other extra practice?
What steps can you take to save your time for asking problems?
I think you should write the passage in past tense. I hope these will help you.:)
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