Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Reflective Blogging Assignment Topic 3 (Done by Zilu)

3).What are your thoughts about having to do projects in every subject? In what ways are project-type assessments more difficult, interesting, challenging, or meaningful than traditional ways of showing what you know? Cite an example or two to support your answer.
In this semester, I had done a lot of projects. The first word comes to my brain is “team work”. This is very important to do any project. I love to do projects because I felt it was very interesting and exciting. Just in one project, there will be lots of things for you to do.
I think the project did online and had clear job for every members was more meaningful because every members must do something, no one could escape and it would help everyone to finish the project faster and better.
The English project we did in June impressed me a lot. It was a new way to do project. In the group, there would be five different members to do five different jobs. The purpose was to understand “Island of the blue dolphins”. My job was discussion director. I would ask any question I had for my group members to answer. From my questions, they would find more deep into to the story and understand it very intensive. Plus the individual work together, our project was finished, we can get other important information from other members’ work, so that individual person can get five persons’ knowledge. We were not just study for ourselves, we also helped other members. It really improve me a lot.
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