Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Reflective Blogging Assignment Topic 1 (Done by Zilu)

1) What talents (new or hidden) have you learned/discoveredabout yourself this semester?I have discovered that I am very suit for the team work. I have never done any project before my secondary school life in Singapore, but when I started to do it, I realized that I have the talent of doing team work.

I was not the leader in my group every times but I am the central member in my group. I can distribute the right works to the right members so that everybody can do their suitable works. They were very glad to do that and they could do it well.
In the other hand I always have some very newfangled ideas for my group. When I said my idea to my members, they were very surprised about that. After a moment, they said it was a good idea.
Whenever my group members had problems, they would ask me because I can always solve their problems.
I always encourage my group members and they would listen, then they could do very hard for our project so our group always had high efficiency and high production.

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