Wednesday, December 26, 2007

4) Think back to a time over the past semester when you faced a challenging or a big mistake. (a bad grade on something, letting your benchmarks pile up until the last minute, etc.) What sorts of lesson did you learn about yourself from that challenge and/or mistake? How did this influence the way you did things after that moment? In what ways does this experience help you to plan for next semester?

My science examination is the last examination of SA2. The night before the examination, I was busy packing my bag for my trip to Genting. I revised my textbooks, workbooks and notes at night and I almost studied to mid-night. On the day of examination, I was doing the science questions. Then I found out that my mind was blank. Everything I studied yesterday was gone. I had to base on my daily homework and revision to do the question. And i have been constantly thinking of what to play when get there.

The biggest mistake is I don’t have time to do my revision. I had been getting home late because I got my busy CCA and doing homework late every day. At night, I did my homework with my half-eyelid is closed. After I done my homework, I doze off to sleep before I managed to revise my work and what teacher taught me.

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