Tuesday, January 1, 2008

5.To become better student.I wanted to change into a student who done work seriously and listen attentively at lessons.Pay full attention to teachers,and will not distracted easily in class.Learn to pick out important notes and copy it down for further revision.And the most important of all,clearing all my doubts by keep pestering teachers and friends until it clears all my doubts.Because i am the one will do not done work seriously and will get distracted very easily,so,i will do all the homework finish at school(I can't get it,i can't do homework at home,even if i've done,all is not serious answer).And also,cutting down the time using of computer.This is important as i will stuck at the internet to find songs.To become a change student,i must do whatever i have wrote down,and this is my wish.

-154(excluding title)