Friday, December 21, 2007

1)What talents (new or hidden) have you learned/discovered about yourself this semester?

I love writing compositions and I discovered a talent for writing.Using creative phrases whipped up by my own imaginations is one of the best thing I can do.Amazingly,I don't need to flip through books or anything to get creative sentences.I just...write out whatever is in my mind.In a few minutes,I can have a few creative sentences popping up in my brain.

For example:The sun gleamed brilliantly like a diamond,its rays of light piercing through my window.

This is my type of creative phrase,I jumble up different words to form a sentence.This talent helped me improved my way of writing.It can sometimes be bad too as I can think up really weird phrases which do not mean anything.They just seem and sound funny.Once I realized a strange phrase in my paragraph,I will erase everything(well,almost everything).Anyway,my talent benefits most of the time.

~158 words~(excluding title)


Madeleine (: said...

1) The first question that came to my mind was, why do you love to write compositions? Is it because you love to challenge yourself to something? If so, how do you feel when you challenge yourself? If not, what are the other reasons?

2) Have you thought about why can you do this? Perhaps you read some good books. Reading books can improve your English, for example your vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, tenses etc. Just like your Chinese which is excellent.

3) How did you discover this talent? Is it by accident? If not, what are the other reasons?

-100 words-

ReBeCcA said...

1)Challenging?I think it is fun!I love to write compositions is because I like making up tales of my own.I can write about anything in a composition although some really sound stupid...

2)You've flattered me...I don't like to read books.It just comes naturally.Suddenly,I already have a sentence in mind.I just have to write it out and see if it sounds weird.Whatever I do,I never like to read.Some things are natural.

3)At the beginning of the year,I thought my composition was just like everyone else's.We all get good comments and some bad ones.But,during the last few months towards the end of school,Ms Chia(or Mrs Quah)told me that I can write compositions in a really creative way.I always like making up creative sentences.It kinda works my brain.It was Ms Chia who helped me discover this talent.