Friday, December 21, 2007

4)Think back to a time over the past semester when you faced a challenge or made a big mistake.(a bad grade on something,letting your benchmarks pile up until the last minute,etc.)What sorts of lessons did you learn about yourself from that challenge and/or mistake?How did this influence the way you did things after that moment?In what ways does this experience help you to plan for next semester?

F&N,the most challenging subject that I made the most mistakes on.The first mistake was a minor one when I had forgotten to tuck in a few strands of hair into the cap.The teacher warned me that cleanliness is important in the kitchen and I worked on that.Probably because I was too carried away with cooking that I did not realize.I forced myself to remember in F&N class time and time again to check on my hair.After a few weeks,I had gotten over this problem.The next big thing occured during my F&N practical exam.I really can't believe that I had made such a big mistake in an exam!I was slicing my carrot and the teacher did a few rounds in the kitchen,observing our cooking skills.When she came to me,she reminded me to peel off the skin of the carrot before the carrot can be eaten.Then I found out I didn't peel the skin off!Because of that mistake,I decided not to repeat it again by practicing cooking at home.It was such an embarrasing mistake that I would laugh at the thought of it.The last mistake was that,I did not have enough time to clean up the my space and I needed my partner's help.Maybe I spent too much time on the soup that I totally forgot about cleaning up!

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