Friday, December 21, 2007

(3) What are your thoughts about having to do projects in every subject? In what ways are project-type assessments more difficult, interesting, challenging, or meaningful than traditional ways of showing what you know? Cite an example or two to support your answer.

When project come in every single subject , my thoughts would have be " aww man , project again " . But , on the other hand , projects would have helped us in a lot of ways . Like , teamworks , thinking skiils , responsibility( Eg : Hand up the project when date dues ) .

To me , project-type assessments that are difficult, challenging and interesting are those with pictures that you will need to conclude and analyzing their plotting and their story .

Same as madeleine , when talking about projects , my first thinking will come about the June holiday project . This project consist of topics that i had not came before in my primary school .

1) A book project
2) Game design
3) Movie Trailers
4) Creative Digital Story-telling

I thought that Movie Trailers and Creative Digital story-telling would be very interesting . But , book project would be much more easier . So , me and my group choose that to do .

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