Friday, December 21, 2007

(5)Based on your answers to the questions above,how do you wish to grow/change as a student/person for second semester? What steps do you have to take to achieve that growth?

According to my above answers , I would wish to be more attentive and pay more attention in class in the future .
Not to skipped any of the supplementaries given to me anymore . Supplementaries can also be important as lessons during school time too . I would also like to submit all my homeworks on time too . From a playful student , I would like to change to a hardworking student . I would strive all out for my secondary two , as I know secondary two is very important , and it's very hard to go on to secondary three . So , I would try as hard as I can to go on to the subjects that I want to take in secondary three . But , my studies are still a long way to go for me . I would still want to continue my studies after I graduate from University . Way to go !

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