Monday, December 31, 2007

4.I got stuck when i read this question,and i also don't know why.Frankly,the only thing i regret is my math.Although my overall math pass,but my paper fail.The truth is,i really fail.I have to learn this lesson,stop fooling around and focus on your subjects,especially math.If i really want to pass my math paper,i need to be work hard,really hard.It influence me alot.Back to primary school,my math always pass and done well,but i fail my math paper at sec 1.

I believe environment changes and the way of study math is different from primary school,so i must familiar the way of teaching teacher teaches us.Another thing is,all because of my laziness and lack of enthusiastic in math.At first when i got my math paper result,i broke the news to my parents and to my surprise,they didn't scold me.They tell me to study and work well as they believe i have the potential to do well.Next semester,i will spend time reading books and doing math problems.