Sunday, December 30, 2007

1) 1) What talents (new or hidden) have you learned/ discovered about yourself this semester?

In the past, I dislike cooking as I felt that it is quite troublesome and I also didn’t know how to cook, not even instant noodles. I always had to rely on my mother to cook for me. On some occasion, when my mother was not at home and I was feeling hungry, I will munch on some biscuit, as I didn’t know how to cook.
But after since I attended the F&N classes in school, I learnt how to cook a few simple dishes and I enjoy the whole process of cooking as the lesson is going on. During the practical exam, you have to come up with two dishes in less than two hours without the help of your partner. Not only that, you also have to decorate your dishes and wash all the utensil within this two hours but I did it. When my friends and my mother taste it, they all said that it is quite delicious and that is when I realise that I had a talent in cooking.
It also had enlightened me that we can’t always rely on our parents to do things for us; we have to learn to be independent.

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mei peng said...

1)Why can't you go out and buy food on your own?

Just like you in the past,i did not know how to cook even a fried egg or instant noodle.All the reason was that my mum afraid i lead to a fire or burn egg. Not to be able to cook well is terrible.

2)What dishes to you mean as 'simple'

Learnning how to cook is fun and interesting. Learning to cook is not just for pratical exam but for ourselves. I too have enjoy the cooking lesson and always hope for more time.

3)when pratical exam start and realised that need to do alone, did you nervous at all?

It is great to have fun and a lesson learn as well. Hope that this lesson can bring us a things to learn, independence.