Sunday, December 30, 2007


In the second semester, I will work hard and try not to make any careless mistakes in the future. I would try to:

-play less computer games
-pay more attention in class
-do more assessment
-set a target
-made less mistakes
-read the instructions carefully

To aim my target, I would have to do all this things and do my work with determination, or I would not able to succeed. I would make a time table and try to make more time for my work and less outing so that I would able to sort out my time well and would not mess it up or waste any time. Attention in class is also very important in class as we may miss out something that is very important in our exams. A target is also very important as well as we do not have a direction to go and would not strive for it so I would made a change in myself and strive for better grades to reach my target.

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