Sunday, December 30, 2007

1) What talents (new or hidden) have you learned/discovered about yourself this semester?

In the past, I dislike cooking as I think it is very troublesome and it’s very stuffy and oily to stay in the kitchen for a long time. The first time I entered the F&N kitchen, I do not know how to cook. But after learning some simple dishes, I find that actually we get to rest in the kitchen and it is not very hot and stuffy inside. We work with our partners so we can try to do different things. Also, it is not a tough thing to cook. Although some times, the hot oil will scald our hands, but after eating the food that we cook, we have a sense of satisfaction. When I let my friends try the food after school, they said that it is quite tasty. As this is why I developed a hidden passion for cooking and I know that I actually have a talent in cooking.
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