Sunday, December 30, 2007

question number(1-5)

1) In this semester, I discovered that I have a good talent in art and craft as I always have a good grade and good comment given by my art teacher. Although my grade this year for my art and craft did not meet up to what I want it to be, but I will continue to work on that.
Art and craft is one of the subjects that I like. Although it will be difficult for me to handle my homework next year, which is an important year for me as it allows me to chooses the subject that I like to study in sec 3, I will still make up time or put in extra effort in my art work. But I will also not neglect my studies too.
I will strongly recommend my friend or my family to do art whenever they are free as it helps to claim them down from stress and pressure. For those who fine interesting in art can also join art club, there is many activities you can do there.
2) well,the goal i have set for myself in september is to cover the subject that i am not good in.reading and revising my work is also one of what i planning in my mind.i will also asked my parent to get me a tution teacher if there is really a need to.
i have aready started reading the text book that will be teach next year.getting ready for next year is very important as i will help u understand better next year when the teacher start teaching.well i also must admit that i did not put in enough effort this year ,but i make a promise to my parent that i will work hard and will achieve better result next year.
3)doing project in every subject is very troblesome as it will be too difficult for us to handle in every subject.however doing project work in every subjrct will help us have a better understanding in the subject that we r weak in.
maybe project work must be given extra time depending on the diffulculties of the project.extra time must also be given to the studen.project work like algebra maths challeng is both hard and challenging , it required lots and lots of thinking and brain juices.project like maths challeng must be given once a month while other project can be given once or twice a month.
4)i remember that last time when i am still primary six,i did not prepare for my chinese class test.the paper given to us is so difficult that i stare blankly on the paper.i try to answer to all the question that was given to .at the end of the exam i know that i am most likely going to fail,and of course i was so right it come true.
well i am scoulded by my teacher and also scoulded by my parent .after that i decided to work hard on my school work i make sure that i done all my work , revise and also do assesment book,finally but not failed i did well for my exams.
i think i will do what i did during primary school ,using the sprit to work hard for my major exams .
5)well to grow i think i am sensible enough and to do my work on my own .i will also learn how to change my mistake and not make too much mistake .knowing my mistake and weak point is also very important it will help me to improved my result and help benifit me.
i will also be caring to my class mate next year,although i am not so sure if they are good in character but still i will still try and play nice with them.i will aslo hand in work in time change my bad habit ,work etra hard to get i to the class of my up to my parent expectation and also speak up whenever there is a need