Saturday, December 29, 2007

3)What are your thoughts about having to do projects in every subject? In what way are the project-type assessments more difficult, interesting, challenging, or meaningful than traditional ways of showing what you know? Cite an example or two to support your answer.

When it comes to projects,the only thing that I can say is "Oh my god!"To make the project better and creative,we need teamwork.Even though a person can do a project himself,it can never be perfect as a good project needed teamwork.Project-type assessments didn't have answers and it all depend on the mind and our creativity.We have difficulties understanding the process.It can be interesting as we can use all sorts of creative ideas we have in our heads and make it more fun.The challenging part is that time limit is so tight it rushes the process and make us nervous.It can be meaningful because when you receive good marks from the project,all of us who contributed in the project can savour the fruit of labour.We all will know that we have put in effort and did our part.

-150 words without title-