Saturday, December 29, 2007

shao wei

Question 4:

in the first semester exam i failed my math as i seldom fail my math even though i was not very good at it i would manage to pass it but i did not i started to reflect on myself what did i did wrong what steps could i have taken to prevent this from happening or prevent this from hapening again

i reached home without a smile and told my mom she was abit dissapionted but she told mi that i must do better the next exam i started cut down my computer gaming this time for the next exam and said to my self if i did well i would be able to play in the next exam i did manage to pass this time and got 20 mark more marks then my last exam i was happy i passed, i knew that you get what u plant. that failare made me work harder

it made me realise that time is very important if you do not make use of it the one suffering would be you
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mike said...

well actullay having good planning in your work that u do is also very important.good character is also important. you will have to consentrate in the subject that u wish to improve. give in ur very best and more .this is the only way that can led u to the fruit of susses.