Saturday, December 29, 2007

sharifah radhiah

Question THREE:

My thoughts on having to do projects in every subjects is a good idea.As it will help us understand more on topic given.However, if every subject teacher is to give a project to their student,it may somehow create a little problem.If given ,the number of subjects per day and projects that were given, by all subjects teachers,together with the date of completion.There will be time constraints,even when extended.

Project type assessments involves more than one person.Besides, doing and finding information for the presentation ,basically we get to bond with our teammates .It is as though killing to birds with one stone.To me,doing projects is better than,sitting down in class,waiting to be asked by the teacher about what he or she knows about that particular topic.And we will get to work out our teammates weaknesses,rather than doing everything alone.

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