Saturday, December 29, 2007

sharifah radhiah

Question TWO:

The goal that i had in mind in September,was to work even harder.So that i could achieve good result with better grades,by passing all my subjects.And to get all this ,first of all i need to understand what was taught.By paying more attentively in class,taking down notes,being involved in activities and more.

Making sure that i wrote down the right things,after lessons i went looking for the subject teacher to clarify my doubts,regarding what was taught that day.But to my dismay ,i have fallen short .Maybe i am not focused or unsure of how to set my target right or even the lack of understanding.

After realising all those,i decided to make adjustments regarding my goal .It has also made me identify my strengths and weakness.Evenso,persuasive words such as 'Try harder' and 'don't give up' will always be by me.

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