Saturday, December 29, 2007

sharifah radhiah

Question FIVE:

I would like to change as a student for the better.And also for my future,i will have to overcome my dislikes in a few subjects.And maybe, because of this i did not do very well.I prefer to think about what i am doing and actually convince myself that what i am doing is either right or to take advantage before doing it.I must make my own choice for the better.

It certainly takes a mature youth to discern correctly what is right and wrong and to respond wisely.To me, our generation should be diligent and positive in learning new things while the latter would be the last to complete assignments and yet the first to complain when new knowlegde is to be taught.I will continue to develop my strenghts and keeep trying to overcome my weaknesses.So that in real life , i will have no regrets.

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