Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Character Analyzer(chatper 4) Meng Hock

Chief Chowig:He was a very responsible and was willing to fight to the end for his tribe.He was a loyal and brave man.

Karana:The main character of the story and she was watching the fight between the aleuts and the villagers from a brush at a cliff.She also knew her father well because she knew her father's temper very well.

A sentence to show that karana knew her father's temper:'Not yet,'I said. 'When he's really angry,he pulls his ear.'

The aleuts:Unreasonable people and would not follow what they promised Chief Chowig.They even faught with Chief Chowig and ran off with the otter after killing and injuring the villagers.


shower=)shao wei said...

you describwe all the character in detailed

brucezhang said...

Maybe you can describe about Ramo .
And is chief choing a brave man ? I do not think so . He is a bad man , isn't he???

brucezhang said...

I mean the Captain Orlov is a bad man , not Karana's father!