Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Plot Analyzer(Chapter 4)

Not long after dawn the Aleuts took down their skin tents and carried them to the beach. Captain Orlov had not paid my father for the otter he had killed.
so when the news came that the hunters had packed their tents, all of our tribe left the village and hurried towards Coral Cove. The men with their weapons went first and the women followed. The men took the trail that led to the beach, but the women hid themselves among the brush on the cliff. The Aluets lauged while they worked, as if they were happy to leave the island. My father was talking to Captain Orlov. I could not hear their words because of the noise the hunters made, but from the way my father shook his head, I knew that he was not pleased. The men who were working on the cande had stopped and were watching my father and Captain Orlov. The other men of our tribe stood at the foot of the trail. The boat went off to the ship filled with otter. As it reached the ship, Captain Orlov raised his hand and gave a signal. Our men left their places at the foot of the trail and moved forward a few steps and waited, watching my father. Captain Orlov said something to his Aluets that I could not understand, but its meaning was soon clear. There were many hunters in the cove and as soon as he spoke they began to carry the otter pelts to the boat. The hunters had to pass my father to reach the boat, and when the first one approached him, he stepped in his path. The Russian drew himself up stiffly and pointed to the clouds that were blowing in towarcds the island. Cpatain Orlov was silent. He looked at our men standing on the ledge of rock a dozen paces away. I do not know what happened first, whether it was my father who raised his hand against the hunters whose path he barred, whether it was this man who stepped forward with a bale of pelts on his back and shoved my father aside. But as I jumped to my feet and Ulape screamed and other cries sounded along the cliff, I saw a figure lying on the rocks. It was my father and blood was on his face Slowly he got to his feet. With there spears raised our men rushed down across the ledge. A puff of white smoke came from the deck of the ship. A loud noise achoed against the cliff. Five of out warriors fell and lay quiet. Ulape screamed again and flung a rock into the cove. Rocks showered into the cove from many places along the cliff, striking several of the hunters. Then our warriors rushed in upon them and it was hard to tell one from the other. The Aluets had drop the bales of otter. They drew knives from thier belts and as our warriors rushed uapon them the two lines surged back and forth along the beach. Men fell and did not get up. Our warriors were forced backward to the cliffs. There were few of them left, yet they fought at the foot of the trail and would not retreat. Suddenly Captain Orlov and his Aluets turned and ran to the boat. Our men did not pursue them. The hunters reached the ship, the red sails went up, and that ship moved slowly between the two rocks that guard the cove. Once more before it disappeared a white puff of smoke rose from the deck.


Ms Dawn Chia said...

Can I know why you typed out the whole chapter?

brucezhang said...

Can you summries the chapter , not just copy the whole chapter?
I think you will do better!!