Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Discussion 2 of Group 8

8. How do you fell when you were reading P21 line 14 to 23 ?

9. What was going through your mind when you saw Karana's father died ?

10. Don't you think the father should not be killed ? Why?

11.Can someone summarize this section from chapter4 the first paragraph ?

12.Did anything surprise you about this chapter of the book?

13.Can you immagine what will happen on next chapter ? Write down you mind.


shower=)shao wei said...

1. i feell that captain orlov was trying to trick karna's dad

brucezhang said...

8. I feel that Karana's father died already , but the caption was continuing move his body , the caption have moral problem.

9. What will continue next ? WIll Karana kill the alutes? He is a good man , why he died?

10. Yes , because if the father was not killed , there would not be anything continue.


12. Ramo is not in the ship , why?

13. Karana and Ramo would live in the island of the blue dolphins.