Wednesday, June 27, 2007


1) Captain Orlov had not paid my father for the otters he had killed
-In real life,it is like someone who has not pay their debts.

2) The Aleuts laughed as they worked,as if they were happy to leave the island.
-In the real world,it's like someone's going to be released from prison,feeling happy.

3) I could not hear their words because of the noise the hunters made,but from the way my father shook his head,I knew he was not pleased.
-Like Ms Chia telling off a student,class 1d is making a lot of noise.I could not hear what she is saying,but I can tell that she is not pleased by the way she folds her arms and the expression.

4) "He is angry,"Ulape whispered."Not yet,"I said."When he's really angry,he pulls his ear."
-To the real world,it feels like someone whispering,"Ms Chia's angry..."Another says,"Not yet,when she's really angry,she's gonna shout!"

5)The wind started to blow.Suddenly Captain Orlov and his Aleuts turned and ran to the boat.
-In our world,it feels as if the wind blowing to create an eerie background.Then,a group of people turned and ran off,as if they had murdered someone.They were scared.


Jianting=P said...

Its a good example of [3] & [4]. xD
The example so funny .. =P

yuanting said...

The example that you have given is very good. I didn't spot out any grammar or spelling mistake also.

ReBeCcA said...

Thank you...^^ The work you all did are very good too!A round of applause for us!!! *clapx100*