Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vocabulary Wizard (Chapter 4)


1. Sunless - it tells that something bad is going to happen
2. Filled with otter - it tells us that they wanted to take all otters without paying
3. The Aluets laughed - it tells us that they are sure that they can get away without paying
4. Shook his head - he wanted his share
5. Scarcely - feeling scared
6. Excitement - feeling happy to get a treasure chest
7. Gaze - look around his surrounding
8. Harmlessly - it did not injure anybody


Ms Dawn Chia said...

Indeed, I also feel that the author had deliberately created an atmosphere to prepare us for the terrible change in fate of the tribe to come.

D.Amirul said...

Yo wassup Hakim,nice job in finding the words.Carry on with the good job.

Luke said...

i agree with mrs chia, good jod

Qhair said...

Good job on finding those words Hakim. I too agree with Mrs Quah and the words u picked up will make readers more agitated on reading this chapter. Good job Hakim.