Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Managing Group Discussion

Dear 1D,
Due to the influx of activities on our class blog, there is a need for us to tidy up the way we are posting. I need everyone to go to your previous posts and add your group number in the 'Label'. I have allocated a number for each group so refer to the list below.

Group 1 - Madeleine,Shumin,Sharifah,Marliah,Hidayah
Group 2 - Nurul,Syafiqah,Dasheni,Naimah,Iswarya
Group 3 - Luke, Hakim, Amirul, Syakir, Qhairiq
Group 4 - Vivian,Noel,Kailin,Pearlyn,Angeline
Group 5 - Adelaide, leonda,junkit,Jia huan, Bala
Group 6 - Jianting,weishan,Rebecca,Yuanting,Meipeng
Group 7 - Eleanor,Dayana,Chloe,Elizabeth,Siyi
Group 8 - Zhang zilu (bruce), Goh jin yang,Toh shao wei,Chia mike shen,Hong meng hock

You will realise that Group 7 and 8 are left blank. The reason? I have not received any post from you regarding your group. I want the 10 of you to see me on Thursday regarding your grouping.