Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Discussion Director-Chapter 4 island of the blue dolphins

1)How did you feel when you have read chapter 4?
2)Does anything in chapter 4 suprised you?
3)What do you think next will happen after reading chapter 4 'Island Of The Blue Dolphins'?
4)Did anything make you more interested to continue on reading the whole book?
5)What makes you think this book is full of actions and is interesting?


madeleine said...

1) I wasn't entirely shocked because i knew sooner or later there will be a fight coming.


3)I think that they will continue to live on, even though their chief, chief Chowig, died. And also appoint a new chief at the same time.

4)I want to know what is going to rest of the villagers and Karana after his father die.

5)Because this is a true story and there are bound to be full of actions. And at the same time, i like to read true stories.

Ms LoNeLy said...

1)I feel that the villagers have the courage to fight till the end.


3)I think that the vilagers will appiont a new chief for the village.

4) Yes. I want to what happen in the end.

5)There are many scenes that are interesting and it is full of actions.

Shumin' said...

1) I was quite touched by the village as they fight for thier right and think I am very proud of thier bravery.


3)I think Karana and the rest will carry on with thier life, like how they survived, hunt for food.

4)Yes, because there is alot of exciting parts in the book and I want to find out those parts.

5)There alot of moral that we can learnt and follow them and they taught us how they survived in that kind of condition and thier is also alot of useful and nice sentence that we can use to descride things.

little ms smily said...

1) I felt that the villagers have the courage to fight for their rights.

2) No

3) I think that the villagers will discuss upon having a new leader.

4) Yes.I would like to know what happen, until the story has completed.

5) It contains alot of scenes that includes actions,upon what the villagers or the Aleuts where doing.