Monday, December 31, 2007

1) What talents (new or hidden) have you learned/discovered about yourself this semester?

From my past six years of primary life, I dread writing compositions. I felt that they were long stories that make me crack my head and think of things to add into the story whenever I did not meet the word count. But ever since this semester, My views on writing totally change. I discovered that I have some talents in writing creative compositions. I not only to pick up good phrases from storybooks or magazines I read from, I also picked creative sentences. I will try to use all I can think of oftenly. Besides improving my English and vocabulary, it also makes my composition more interesting. This way of writing helps me alot. Such as having an interesting plot, adding more effects to it, meeting the word count or rather more than what I had expected. Most importantly, it makes my readers no longer bored. Now, to me writing compositions is no longer a dreading!
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I think that you should have seperate your post into a proper paragraph . That will make the reader think that your post is short and sweet .

What things do you add when you did not meet to word count ?

What effects you add ?

What talents had you discovered ?