Monday, December 31, 2007

1) What talents (new or hidden) have you learned/discovered about yourself this semester?

To me, cooking is a torturous activity as it would cause you to be sweaty and after cooking you would have to clean up the whole place if it is covered with oil. Until this year where we had a new subject, Home economics. When I first heard about this, it’s really terrible because it means that we would have to cook and how could I continue my lessons after all getting so sweaty? But after attending the first lesson, I beg to differ. Cooking is very interesting after all! You could get cook with a friend and after that, taste the results of your cooking and get the sense of satisfaction when both you and your partner loves the food. Thus, I had a new passion for cooking because you will not only feel satisfied with the results but also feel more independent as you do not have to rely on your parents to cook for you every time.
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