Monday, December 31, 2007

Think back to a time over the past semester when you faced a challenge or made a big mistake. (a bad grade on something, letting your benchmarks pile up until the last minute, etc.) What sorts of lesson did you learn about yourself from that challenge and/or mistake? How did this influence the way you did things after that moment? In what ways does this experience help you plan for the next semester?
One of the big mistakes I made during the past semester is last minute studying and careless mistakes. I do not know why but I do not feel the keen of anxiety to study until the last few days before exam starts. Thus, I did last minute revision for my exams. Last minute revision had dire consequences which ended me up in disappointing grades. My parents were disappointed after seeing the results but still, encouraged me to strive harder. Not only that, but they also showed concern in my studies by asking me if I can cope with the work when they saw me burning the midnight oil. So I learnt that I must work harder not just for my sake, but my parents too. I planed to study earlier and so that I would not sleep late, causing me to sleep right after I finished my paper and did not check my work properly (thus, leading to careless mistakes) and try to work out ways that would help me to be more prepared in exams.

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