Monday, December 31, 2007

2) Describe one goal that you set for yourself in September. What steps have you taken ?Where and how have you met that goal ? Where and how have you fallen short ? And how will you proceed toward that goal in the second semester ?

Basically I did not do well in End of Year Examination. The goal I set for myself in September is to bush up my Mathematic.
The steps that I have taken are :
> Ask my cousin when I have any doubts.
> Write down study note for Revision
> Cut down time for relaxation
> Not spend so much time watching television programme
> Use the computer for good use and not playing
> Study together with friends

Sadly, I did not acheive the goal that I yearn for. The most probably reason is cause I didn't make real good use of the time that I have to do sufficient revision. For the second semester, I will organize a detailed time table and start working hard on it.I will make sure that I pay full attention in class and clear all my doubts especially in mathematic and science, the two subjects which I'm weak in.[156 words excluding title]