Tuesday, June 26, 2007

discussion directer (Chapter four)

1) why did Karana's father stand up to fight again?
2) what were the villagers reaction when Ulape threw a rock at Captain Orlov's direction?
3) why didn't Karana's father accept the chests of beads from Captain Orlov?


dayana said...

1) Karana's father wanted to lead his men to battle Capt. Orlov.


3)He didn't accpet the chests of beads because it wasn't the same amount as the otters he caught.

Chloe said...

1)He wanted to fight for his village's rights.

2)The villages started to throw rocks at Captain Orlov.

3)The chest of beads were not Karana's father bargain.

'elizabeth(: said...

1)He wanted to fight for his people's right
2)They, too, threw rocks at the hunters
3)He said it wasn't enough compared to the Captain Orlow's catch.