Tuesday, June 26, 2007

(Character Analyzer) Group 7

Role:Character Analyzer

Island of the blue dolphins(Chapter four)

Character:Captain Orlov

His personality:He is not honest.
Why:He did not want to give the author's father the chests as he want the author's
father to hand over the pelts first.
Age:Not mention in the story.
Strength:The Aleuts whom were his men fought with the author's father and had injured or had
killed their warriors and the author's father was seriously injured.
Weakness:Captain Orlov did not have fairness during his arguement.


His personailty:She is a very obedient daughter.
Why:He always takes care of his brother and cares about his father.
Age:Not mention in the story.
Strength:Not mention in chapter four.
Weakness:Not mention in chapter four.

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dayana said...

Si Yi! The author is Scott O'Dell not Karana!!! Obviously you don't know what's the difference right?