Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Discussion Director------------ zi lu (bruce)

1. What the Aleuts wanted the otter for?
2. Did the Aleuts already think that they do not want to paid the full money before they killed the otter?
3. Why the women hid themselves among the brush on the cliff?
4. Why didn't Karana know her father died?
5.How would Karana and other people feel if they knew their relatives died?
6. Why the men that were alived did not pursue Captin Orlow and his Aleuts?
7. Why the author wrote the weather first?


humanpie said...
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humanpie said...

comment by shao wei

1.maybe the otters were killed for clothing
2.i don't think the aleuts intended to pay the full amount from the start.
3.the women maybe afraid and had no weapon.
5.i think they would feel sad
6.the may think that they are out munbered or they have more superior weapons
7.the author wrote the weather first because there was a sectence saying that the storm is coming which means he was telling you there are no stom currently

brucezhang said...

1. money
2. Yes , because in chapter 1 page 10 says that the caption just smiled and said that 'the parts shall be equal'. He might thought do not want to pay the full money that time.
3.Because they are afraid of the alutes .
4.Maybe she just has not seen died before.
5. They will be very upsad and cry.
6.Because they know that they cannot win the fighting.
7. Because the author want to show that there will be a fight and the caption will say that they must move t the ship first.

These are my own opinion.