Tuesday, June 26, 2007

character analyse(chapter 4 done by shao wei)

Island of the blue dolphin

chapter 4

karana: karana is a timid person who hides in the bush when the fight was going on, and watch helplessly.

karana's dad:karana's dad is a brave person who is willing to face the aleuts for his right, even with blood on his face he stood up to fight

captain orlov:captain orlov is not a thrustworthy person he refused to pay what he took and broke his promise

done by shao wei


brucezhang said...

I think Karana is a pure girl because she did not know that her father died .

I thik Captain Orlov is a bad man , they had already decided that he should pay how much money.

mike said...

maybe karana was not sure that his father was attack at a very dangerous part that he will die.

maybe he do not want to pay much for killing the otter for its skin he may not mean harm.

jinyang34 said...

Karana was not sure after Ramo scream. Please write more about them.