Tuesday, June 26, 2007

leonda-plot analyzer(chapter 4 &7)

Chapter 4 and 7 leave me an impression on me.In chapter 4,the village of Ghalas-at are prepare for the war with Aleuts as they don't trust them.Many brave warriors died,one of them is Karana's father.Before the war,Karana's father,have a fight with Captain Orlov because the Aleuts didin't pay the money for the otters and fleet because of the weather is going to change.I believe Karana,Ulape andRamo wll be very sad.

In chapter 7,I got to praised Karana's bravery.Because of her younger brother,she jump into the sea,did not care about her danger,although peoples in the ship comforted her.I saw kindship between her and her brother,it also prove that she loves her brother so much that she willing to sacrifices her 'new life' in other country.


Anonymous said...

yes Karana did jump into the sea just to be with her brother as they were very close,as for Ulape she did not care about her brother and sister.Did she did the right thing? And leonda you did a job job too.*claps*

Ms Dawn Chia said...

The difference between the 2 sisters appears to be quite blinding in this chapter don't you think? Ulape, the eldest, chose her personal happiness over the life of ther brother. Karana, on the other hand, is self sacrificing and embodies much courage.
Would you have done the same if you were caught in a similar situation?