Tuesday, June 26, 2007

discussion director(group 5)

questions:1.Did Karana's father died in the end?
2.Why did Ulape and the woman in the brush cry in delight?
3. Why were the Aluets laughing when they were packing up?
4. How did Karana know that her father was not pleased?
5. What did Captain Orlov planned to trade for the pelts?
6.Why was Ulape so nervous?
7.Did the tribe win the battle in the end?
8. Did the tribe pursue the Aluets when they were running to their ship?


l0vezjoke said...

Q6.If her father angry,he will pulls his ears.

Q3.In the end,the tribe didn't get their goods.

JIAHUAN :DD said...

1. His father died in the end.
4. His father shook his head when he was talking.