Tuesday, June 26, 2007


In chapter 4, paragraph 3, we can see that the tribe are united as one. Nowadays, the spirit is lost among youths. Everyone should stay with their family(tribes) through good or bad times. As everyone says united we stand divided we fall.

In chapter 7,the whole chapter was on Karana boarding the ship to start a new beginning but instead, sacrificed her personal belongings just to save Ramo, who was left at the shore just to take his spear. Again, such love cannot be find right now. Siblings would rather fight amongst each other than to spend time and talk, to settle the problem by talking not by fighting.


'elizabeth(: said...

If there's this kind of love among us it'll be GREAT! but sadly there isn't ): therefore, we should try to make it happen!

jasmine piong said...

Ya.Siblings should not be fighting.We should work things out peacefully.:)

Chloe(: said...

yeah we should follow karana and ramo's examples(: