Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Character Analyzer (chapter 4)

1. Captain Orlov

His personality: Stingy
- He did not pay for the otters that Chief Chowig(father) had killed.
Age: Unknown
Race: Russian
Strength: know how to control the ship
- He can turn swiftly across the sea.
Weakness: Dishonest
- He promise to give the money but he did not.

2. Chief Chowig(father)
His personality: calm
- He wasn't pleased but he didn't start any fight or quarrel.
Age: unknown
Race: Indian
Strength: Responsible
- He faced all the difficulties for the village.
: Helpful
- He help the villagers.
Weakness: too serious


adii said...
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jasmine piong said...

hi jia huan.you can post more about the strengths and weakness.

adii said...

harlo jia huan!=D you did a good job on the character analyzer.as i notice that you have put down the personality,strength and weakness,so its easier to show about their character.=D jianhuan you did a good job!=]

l0vezjoke said...

arlow,jia huan,i think you did quite a good job,you can describe more about weakness and his strength(: