Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Connector(Chapter 4)

Captain Orlov is like people who did not keep the promise so Karana father and all of the people on the island fight for their purpose because the Aleuts hunt animals on their land and didn't return what they had promise like the real life people fight for the country,rights,position.Some fight for other people but they didn't get anything in return.


Hakim said...

yo mirul... gd job dere boi... keep UP!!

ajluke22 said...

good try but let mi help u rephrase it :

Captain Orlov did not keep his promise to Chief Chowig. Causing the tribe people to fight for what was theirs. The Aleuts hunted otters on their land and didn't pay for what they toke. In real life people fight for the country, rights, people and position.

U may change or post if u like.