Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vocabulary Finder ( Chapter 4)

1)White sprays of water:

Meaning: Drops of water

Sentence: When John dived into the sea, white sprays of water were send up.

Why did you choose this idiom?:I thought that this word can be used in writing compositions and score marks.

2)Drew breath in excitement:

Meaning: Very excited; an excitable manner.

Sentence: When jenifer saw the beautiful horses in the meadow, she drwew her breath in excitement.

why did you choose this idiom?: The word seems very much interesting.

3) Ceased:

Meaning To put an end to it; discontinue

Sentence: The factory ceased production.

Why did you choose this word?: We can replace the word "stop" with this word.

4) Cries of delight:

Meaning: Very excited.

Sentence: The villagers gave cries of delight when the war was finally over.

Why did you choose this word?: I thought this was a very interesting word and could be used in writing compositons.

5) Sarcely breathing:

Meaning: Almost stop breathing.

Sentence: When Chicken Little saw the aliens, he was scarcely breathing.

Why did you choose this word?: I thought this was a perfect word to write this word instead of writing" almost stop breathing".

6) Surged:

Meaning: To sudddenly move very quickly in a particular direction.

Sentence: The crowd surged through the gates.

Why did you choose this word?: I felt that it can replace the word " rush".


Ms LoNeLy said...

I like the way how you tell what the word means.It is very specific and easy to understand.

Radhiah said...

I agree that it is very specific, but do put in more details to the meanings.