Tuesday, June 26, 2007

island of the blue dolphin(chapter 4)

weishan* discusion director

Q1)Why do Captain Orlov had not paid Karana's father for the otter he had killed?

Q2)What do the black chest inside contained?

Q3)Why would the Aleuts would want to kill the men on the island?

Q4)What do the author mean by"others fell and do not get up"?

Q5)Why do the warriors continued to fight instead of reatreating?

Q6)Why do the men do not pursue them when they set sail on the ship?

Q7)Why were Karana and Ulape scared of using the rocks to attack the Aleuts?

Q8)How do you feel by Captain Orlov cruelty act?

Q9)Can someone summarize this section?

Q10) Did anything surprise you about this section of the book?

Q11) Predict something about the next section of the book.


Jianting=P said...

Q2:What do the black chest inside contained?

ANS:The black chest contained several necklaces,which the beads in the necklaces can spark even though there was little light in the sky.

mei peng said...

1)he might at first had no intention of giving the otter and saved for their own.

2)they contain diamond,gold and all sort of treasure that worth alot og money.:)

yuanting said...

The warriors continue to fight because if they knew that they retreat they will not even have a chance of winning the battle.

ReBeCcA said...


Q5)Once they retreat,all hope of winning is lost.If they keep fighting,there is still chances of victory.

Q7)Girls are girls and they are weaker than men.Another possibility is that,if the girls used the rocks to attack them,the Aleuts have weapons.

Q8)Captain Orlov should just die...I hate his irresponsibility.I feel angry.

Jianting=P said...

11) I think that a new leader will save the tribe.