Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Disscusion Director (Chap 4)


1. Why did the men from the tribe bring their weapons ?
2. Why did the women hide in the bushes ?
3. How do we know that Karana roughly understand what her father was talking about ?
4. Why did the women cry in delight when they saw saw the necklaces ?
5. How did Karana felt when her father did not get up ?
6. Did the tribe win the battle ?
7. Why did some of the tribe male tribe members stay at the foot of the trail and not retreat ?


Hakim said...

1. The tribe bring their weapons to fight for their rights. 2. They hide so that they will not get injure when the Aluets try to attack. 3. We know that because she told Ulape that she cannot hear what her father is talking. 4. They wanted to try on something new. 5.She felt upset because she lost one of her beloved. 6. The tribe did not win the battle because the Aluets ran away. 7. They want to fight till the end.

D.Amirul said...

1.For protection/fighting2.Maybe they are scared3.By the body language4.It is new to them5.She lost something/someone beloved6.The aleuts retreat7.Like create barrier

Qhair said...

1. For protection and to fight. 2 the women hid in the bushes because they do not want to injure themselves.3.She roughly understands because her father shook her head and looks like he is in diagreement with the Aleuts.4.They thought that they had their fair bargain and they were happy to get neckleses to try on .5.She felt very sad and hurt as she had lost her fathe.6.We may say that they had a draw because the Aleuts retreated.7.they wanted to fight for their rightful rights and stand up for their tribe.

Ms Dawn Chia said...

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