Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Connector (Chapter 4)

I found the connection between the people in the island and people nowadays. The people living in the island fought for their island even though they knew they might sacrifice themselves just for the island. They show that they are not going to give up their island. They are not like people nowadays.

People nowadays give up easily when they doubt their strengths,therefore they don't try anything. We can see people in the island didn't give up on page 22 line 23-24. You can see people nowadays giving up almost everywhere. I think that people nowadays shouldn't give up without even trying.


KAILIN =D said...

I agree to what you said.people nowadays give up easily when they met troubles in life.I think they should not give up easily in life as it is a learning progress.

PEARLYN(: said...

I agree that people are giving up easily nowadays too. But maybe you can talk about why didn't they try. Are they just plain lazy or they really could not find a solution to solve it? Overall, WELL DONE!:D